Vegetation Management

Winstondale Spraying Contractors have extensive knowledge of the local industry

Since 2006 Winstondale Spraying Contractors has maintained the rail corridors; from Glenmore to St Lawrence, CQCN and yards (including the Yeppoon branch) and Abbot Point to North Goonyella.

Winstondale Spraying Contractors also provides full land maintenance for companies such as Stanwell Corporation, providing spraying, vegetation control, tree maintenance, feral animal control and more over a 3500ha area.

Many sections of the rail corridor and properties are inaccessible except through other’s private property. We have built up relationships with landholders adjoining the rail network so that they are happy to meet us at the property to provide access. It has taken years to gain farmers’ trust through proving our commitment to weed and seed hygiene and environmental best practice.

How can Winstondale’s vegetation management services work with your land holdings? Talk to us today.

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Vegetation Management Services

Servicing Throughout Central Queensland

  • Emergency care, on call 24/7
  • Environmental assessment and care expertise
  • Spraying and slashing of excess vegetation
  • Tree trimming and removal
  • Noxious weed control
  • Drain Clearing & Cleaning
  • Job site cleanup
  • Gravel supply and delivery, with our own certified weed-free gravel pit
  • Weed and seed hygiene certificates
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