Safety Environment


In the ten years our company has been in operation we have never had a claim or incident recorded against us or lost any workdays due to injury.

We take our responsibilities regarding safety very seriously, taking steps including:


Our firm commitment to strive for zero harm to the environment requires significant forward planning and preparation. Before entering any work site we assess the environment and modify our work methods accordingly.

Working in rugged and remote areas outdoors in the Central Queensland climate, at times with extremely high rainfall or high temperatures, brings with it a complex set of needs. Our years of experience in working in all conditions allow us to read any situation and manage the environment accordingly.

All of our machinery is certified weed and seed free before entering any property. All machinery is thoroughly washed down before leaving the site if it has come into contact with any noxious weeds.

Personnel Qualifications

Staff members are fully ticketed and licenced to meet Department of Primary Industries, Queensland Rail, Aurizon, Stanwell Corporation and QBuild- Building and Asset Services and local council requirements, with:

All tickets and licencing includes: